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Alan Haksten

" Alan Haksten is the mentor, guitarist and composer of all the pieces of Haksten Alan Grupp, a team of young musicians octet was feeling during the recent successful Independent Tango Festival."

- Carlos Bevilacqua , Pagina 12

"Alan has already vislumbramiento a very own style in the way of composing and arranging, and a concept of what you want and what you put on stage in various formations addressed or integrated."

-  La Mirada.

Composer, accordionist and guitarist from Argentina. Born in Buenos Aires in 1984.

He studied guitar and accordion with different private teachers,and then also  composition and electroacoustic composition at the 'Universidad Nacional de las Artes' (UNA)  in Buenos Aires. Tango musician and general arranger  at the 'Academia nacional de tango'.

Alan has been part of many different musical projects., among them we can highlight “Si yo mismo fuera ese invierno sombrio”, “Alan Haksten Grupp”, “Marcapiel”, “Alan Haksten ensemble ” “La gota tango”.

With several of which he has been able to develop as a composer and instrumentalist and he travelled a lot through Argentina and internationally.

Alan Haksten composed music for various films and plays including “Julio & Bill”, “Alemania”, “El Señor de la Oficina”, “Yo soy Lucida” and “La Casa canta”.

He has given several lectures and clinics on the tango tradition and its influences through out Europe. He is also responsible for programming and dissemination of tango, cooperating in various festivals creating spaces in organization and diffusion.

 He currently shares his life between Goteborg (Sweden) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he has managed to instill his own personal input into the language of modern contemporary Tango music.

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