Alan Haksten Ensemble 

The Alan Haksten Ensemble is a neo tango quartet based in Gothenburg, Sweden, formed by musicians from Argentina, Sweden and Finland.
Alan Haksten met Pelle Bolander, violinist and Swedish actor in 2016 and through this encounter the Alan Haksten Ensemble was created in the city of Gothenburg.
Apart from Haksten and Bolander the quartet is currently formed by cellist Pia Henoch and pianist Antti Lähdesmäki. The repertoire consists mainly of Haksten's own work, as well as classics by Piazzolla and traditionals, performed in concerts or “milongas”, the tango dance bar.
The group’s first album, at this point as a trio with the argentinian jazz pianist Noël Morroni, was recorded and released in Buenos Aires in 2017. This CD, "En la ciudad de los pájaros", (“In the city of the birds”) recreates the atmosphere of compositional episodes experienced by Haksten in southern Sweden, and this his how Hakstens music can be listened to, a tango bird flying through the world nesting in Scandinavia.

The band’s second album is on it’s way.

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New album